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Explore Our Design Styles & Options

IM offers nearly 2000 moulding styles, with over 12 million feet of inventory spread throughout 19 distribution locations around the USA.  Add three full lines of mat -and foam-board choices (4 in some locations), and you'll see almost no end to the design possibilities for home, business, or someone's special project. 

Browse our moulding search feature by color, style, and/or size to find the look that is right for your client.  IM stands alone in the range of product choices available from a single source - and we'll be your back room, if you need it.


We proudly offer Extended Services - to Make Your Job Easier.  

When opportunities arise - and it's a bit much to handle yourself - make us your back-room employees!   

Working with local businesses & organizations can build your business, without doing all the work yourself - and NOW you can offer PRINTING services as well

Just ask your local IM rep or Customer Service how IM and IM Graphics can help you appeal to a whole new range of clients - and go get jobs you never imagined possible!